Responsible with our

At Bodega Cuatro Rayas we are aware of the importance of being responsible with our environment, that is why we take special care of the impact we generate on the natural and social environment in which we carry out our activity.

With our ‘green & social’ seal, we protect the Cooperative’s commitment to respect the environment and towards those who live in it: we have developed our own label to show our commitment to a green philosophy that directs its focus of attention towards the welfare of people. The design of this stamp represents a grape and a smiling face connected by two arrows that form a circle, highlighting the interdependence of the sustainability of the natural environment and that of those who inhabit it.

As stated in our Strategic Plan, Bodega Cuatro Rayas’s mission is to improve the standard of living of our partners and workers to guarantee generational change in rural areas, creating wealth and facilitating employment for the next generations. Furthermore, we intend to be an organization whose workers and partners are committed to the company and its values ​​of social responsibility: economic transparency and ethical management, social involvement, quality, innovation and safety for partners.

On the environmental level, we intend to be leaders in the commitment to Sustainability in the field of wine production. For this we have implemented measures in our production processes, which range from the ecological management of the crops of our cooperatives to the calculation and reduction of the carbon footprint generated by our logistics operations. We also work to minimize our impact on the natural environment with measures such as reducing the weight of the glass in our bottles, the use of recycled material in our packaging, the use of closures made with 100% recyclable materials of natural origin or the development of capsules without plastic derivatives and water-based inks.

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