Environmentally responsible

In Bodega Cuatro Rayas we are aware of the importance of being responsible for our environment; therefore, we take special care with the impact we have in the social and natural environment where we carry out our business activities.

With our seal ‘green & social, we protect the Cooperative’s commitment to the respect for the environment and the people who live in it. We have developed our own hallmark to bring to light our commitment to a green philosophy with a focus of attention on the well-being of people. The design of this hallmark depicts a grape and a smiley face united by two arrows forming a circle and highlights the interdependence of the sustainability of the natural environment and the people who live in it.

As stated in the Strategic Plan, the mission of Bodega Cuatro Rayas is to improve the standard of living of our members and employees, so we can ensure the generation renewal in the rural areas, creating wealth and facilitating the employment for the generations to come. Furthermore, we intend to become an organisation where our employees and members are engaged with the company and our social responsibility values: economic transparency and ethical management, social involvement, quality, innovation, and security for our members.

At the environmental level, we aim to become leaders in the commitment to sustainability in terms of winemaking. To this effect, we have implemented measures in our production processes, ranging from ecological management of our members’ crops to the calculation and reduction of the carbon footprint caused by our logistics operations. We are also working to minimise our impact on the natural environment with measures such as the reduction of the glass weight in our bottles, the usage of recycled materials in our packaging, the usage of closures made with 100% recycled materials from natural origin or the development of capsules without plastics and with water-based inks.

Bodega Cuatro Rayas, Verdejo with female signature

The cooperative winery leader in the designation of origin Rueda goes one step further in the development of its Equality Plan, which promotes the well-being of its members and employees and encourages female presence in the rural working environment

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