61 Dorado

’61’ Dorado, the genuine Rueda from Bodega Cuatro Rayas



The wine with the most history of the DO Rueda, made uninterruptedly since its foundation with the most noble artisanal method: in historical aging 500-liter casks and through the aging method and traditional aging of the area to the historical similarity of the fortified wines of the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

61 Sixty-one, was the first brand that the winery bottled in (1950). In 1938, the very young cooperative began to concentrate the efforts of its members who, until then, developed this typology in their own homes following the work patterns inherited from their ancestors. In that 1938 vintage, the partners decided to take the wine to the winery for the first time and put it in large vats. They chose the best one they had with a clear objective: to make aged in a community way and in everyone’s home. With the vats loaded with wine, tank number 61 turned out to be the best of all, so they decided that that would be the name that the first bottles would wear: Fino 61. The cooperative’s first commercial brand was then born.


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