The cooperative winery leader in the designation of origin Rueda goes one step further in the development of its Equality Plan, which promotes the well-being of its members and employees and encourages female presence in the rural working environment

Bodega Cuatro Rayas, Verdejo with female signature

The cooperative winery leader in the designation of origin Rueda goes one step further in the development of its Equality Plan, which promotes the well-being of its members and employees and encourages female presence in the rural working environment

La 23 August 2021.- Bodega Cuatro Rayas brings together the passion for the viticulture of around 400 families of winegrower and cooperative members who live in the provinces of Valladolid and Segovia. Since its foundation in 1935, men and women have been shareholding members of the winery—which currently is advancing in the development of its Equality Plan—, and for years, Cuatro Rayas has been especially aware of and committed to equality policies, being life balancing, workplace bullying prevention, or the fight for the balance in representation of both genders some of the main lines of the cooperative winery’s Strategic Plan based in La Seca (Valladolid). As a result, today, around a third of its winegrower members are women, and its workforce consists of workers of both genders, in managerial and technical positions in different areas of work, as shown in the technical management of the winery—having the most significant responsibility in terms of oenological practices—lead by Elena M. Oyagüe.

Bodega Cuatro Rayas -cuya dirección técnica está a cargo de la enóloga Elena M. Oyagüe- avanza en el desarrollo de su Plan de Igualdad, con el que se impulsa la presencia femenina en el entorno laboral rural.

Aiming to continue working towards effective equality of men and women in the rural environment in which its activity takes place, the Equality Plan Negotiation Committee—with the agreement of the Cooperative Governing Council—has recently approved the measures that set out the Equality Plan of the company, a document drawn up by the Winery Equality Commission, consisting of representatives from Management and several technical departments, in the light of the results of a diagnostic study conducted to this effect. This analysis portrays Cuatro Rayas’ situation on gender equality concerning working conditions, recruitment and selection of new employees, training, work-life balancing, professional classification and promotion, remuneration, under-representation of women, and prevention of workplace bullying, sexual, or gender-based harassment and identifies areas for improvement.

Thus, the resulting Equality Plan includes the actions that must be developed and implemented to correct the identified shortcomings and, consequently, to ensure and optimise the welfare and working conditions of its more than 80 employees and around 300 winegrower members in the provinces of Valladolid and Segovia associated to the winery and their families, based in the rural environment.


Copia de los Estatutos del año 1939 de la cooperativa Bodega Cuatro Rayas que refleja la lista de socios fundadores, con abundantes nombres de mujer.

Following the completion of the diagnosis and measure selection stages, and once approved by the Cooperative Governing Council and the Cuatro Rayas’ Equality Plan Negotiating Committee—established by the company’s initiative in March 2021, and later supported by the Royal Decree-Act 6/2019, of 1 March, of urgent measures to ensure equal employment opportunities between women and men, that must become effective before 2022—, these bodies are currently working in the formal drafting of the Plan for its official recording and validation before its effective implementation.

This document covers nine action areas (selection and recruitment process; professional classification; training; career development; working conditions and remuneration; work-life balance; under-representation of women; non-sexist communication, language and images, and labour health, prevention of moral and sexual harassment, and gender-based violence) and specific measures for each of them, as the description of the jobs without gender bias, the organisation of seminars to raise awareness on gender equality at work and shared family responsibilities addressed to the workforce, the use of non-sexist language in communications both internal and external or the implementation of a complaint protocol for sexual or gender-based harassment, that has already been drafted, among many others.

Desde su fundación en 1935, hombres y mujeres han sido socios y socias titulares de la cooperativa Bodega Cuatro Rayas, que actualmente avanza en el desarrollo de su Plan de Igualdad.  Socios y socias cooperativistas llevando a cabo tareas en la bodega y en el campo a mediados del siglo pasado.

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