The writer César Pérez Gellida and Cuatro Rayas join forces with ‘Nocturnidad y Vendimiosía’ to talk about wine and culture

The Valladolid crime novel author will be the host of an exclusive audiovisual series for RRSS sponsored by Four Stripes Night Vintage Verdejo

Elísabet Benavent: “sometimes the moments are not special until you have a wine”. The romantic comedy bestseller Beta Coqueta will be the first guest to share a screen, confidences and a glass of Cuatro Rayas with Gellida

La Seca, March 2, 2021.- Bodega Cuatro Rayas and the writer César Pérez Gellida present a new audiovisual project in common under the name ‘Nocturnidad y Vendimiosía’, a cultural and entertainment outreach program that will be broadcast on the winery’s social networks Valladolid and in which Gellida will act as driver of a late night virtual sharing anecdotes and a glass of Verdejo with different references of the cultural and gastronomic panorama of our country.

The name of this series of relaxed interviews in which Gellida and her guests will chat in a close and informal way about cultural references, current affairs and wine, alludes at the same time to the characteristics of Four Stripes Night Vintage Verdejo -one of the most emblematic brands of the cooperative winery and that on this occasion also lends the recognizable orange hue of its label to the aesthetics of the new project- as well as the nocturnal environment that protects many of the protagonists of the popular works of the Valladolid writer, recognized for his mastery of the crime novel.

‘Nocturnidad y Vendimiosía’ is, more than an interview, a conversation between two friends who enjoy chatting while having a Verdejo. Divided into three sections – ‘El ark del Calvo’; ‘Premeditation, treachery and cruelty’, and ‘Russian roulette’-, each conversation will address cultural and personal issues, always treated with closeness and impregnated with humor and the popular acidity of Gellida, comparable to that of the Verdejo night vintage sponsor of the format .

“Sometimes the moments are not special until you have a wine”

The space opens with an exceptional guest: the writer Elísabet Benavent. This author has more than 2.5 million books sold and 19 published novels, which consolidates her as one of the most outstanding romantic comedy writers in Spain. In a few weeks, the Valencian author will present her novel number 20: The art of cheating karma, whose title will give rise to statements such as “I do not believe in karma, otherwise, I do not understand why there is so much bastard who seems to be doing very well” or “Sometimes the moments are not special until you take a Vino ”, which convey the intimate and fun tone in which the ‘Nocturnidad y Vendimiosía’ interviews take place.

During his conversation with Gellida we will get closer to an unknown personal side of Benavent and we will witness laughter, confidences and surprises between the two writers, who will accompany their conversation with a glass of Cuatro Rayas’ flagship: Four Stripes Night Vintage Verdejo .

Interviews with premeditation, treachery and Verdejo

César Pérez Gellida has become on his own merits one of the most successful writers in our country thanks to his eleven crime novels. Since Memento Mori , published in 2013, until The luck of the dwarf , his latest novel, published in 2020; Gellida has managed to win over the reader with plots full of intrigue and literary quality.


The most social part of sharing a Cuatro Rayas

The ‘Nocturnidad y Vendimiosía’ initiative is sponsored by the Verdejo from night harvest from Bodega Cuatro Rayas , flagship of the historic cooperative of the DO Rueda that with this project shows once again its commitment to the world of culture understood as a value of social welfare. The project is thus encompassed within the philosophy ‘green & social’ that backs up the mission of this cooperative winery to value, preserve and improve the conditions of its natural environment and the people who inhabit it.

The different chapters of ‘Nightlife and Harvest’ will be available on the following platforms of Bodega Cuatro Rayas




‘Nocturnidad y Vendimiosía’ is an initiative sponsored by


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