The summer edition of the 'Berliner Wine Trophy' awards a Gold medal to '61'Dorado en Rama, Amador Diez 2015 and Amador Diez 2017 and with a silver medal to Forty Harvests Cuvée 2018, highlighting the excellence of premium wines from the Valladolid winery.

Bodega Cuatro Rayas ‘sweetens’ with a hundred awards an atypical 2020

More than 100 recognitions granted by competitions, guides and prescribers from around the world certify the quality of Cuatro Rayas’ elaborations at the end of this year. Among them are the nearly 20 Gold medals added to the list of winners of the cooperative winery’s wines

La Seca, December 22, 2020.- A few days after ending an atypical year in which the calendar of fairs, competitions and other events related to the wine sector has been clearly affected by the pandemic, Bodega Cuatro Rayas takes stock of the awards obtained for its elaborations to throughout 2020 confirming with a brilliant harvest of medals and awards the high quality of its products.

In the count of recognitions stand out a Grand Gold, 18 Gold, 19 Silver and up to 16 ratings equal to or greater than 90 points according to the scale of various guides and prescribing publications around the world. The prizes and medals are distributed among all the ranges of elaborations of the winery, which has accumulated prizes in a particularly notable way among its high-end products and with a clear prominence of ’61’ Gold in Branch , a Rueda dorado of annual sack without vintage that In just over a year in the market it has already lived up to its name, accumulating 5 Gold medals, 95 Peñín points, 91 Parker and 92 Tim Atkin , among other recognitions.


Bodega Cuatro Rayas is internationally recognized for its experience and quality in the production of monovarietals with Verdejo grapes, a native variety and characteristic of the Rueda designation of origin, in which Cuatro Rayas frames the vast majority of its wines.

A good part of the awards obtained during 2020 by the cooperative winery of La Seca correspond to wines of this variety, such as Cuatro Rayas Night Harvest Verdejo 2019 , an emblematic and widely recognized brand, which this year has added two Gold medals (Berliner Wine Trophy 2020 Y Best of Spain Netherlands 2020 ), two Silver medals (Mundus Vini 2020 and International Wine Challenge 2020 ), 90 points according to Wine Spectator and 91+ points according to Sobrelias .

Another of the most awarded Verdejos of the winery in this 2020 has been Cuatro Rayas Viñedos Centenarios 2019 , which -in addition to obtaining a Gold medal in Mundus Vini 2020 Y Bacchus 2020 , as well as Silver in International Wine Challenge 2020 – has been rated with 92 points in the Guide Peñín , 93 points for the British prescriber Tim atkin and 92+ by magazine Sobrelias .

The Verdejos of the Cuarenta Vendimias range have also conquered the palates of tasters and influencers of the sector, as evidenced by the 92 points Peñín , 91 Tim atkin or 92+ Sobrelias obtained by Forty Verdejo Harvests 2019 or the Silver medals obtained by Forty Harvests Cuvée 2018 in Decanter 2020 and Berliner Wine Trophy 2020 or its 91 points Peñín and 92 points Sobrelias .


This 2020, the La Seca cooperative winery has reinforced its work in favor of sustainability with the development of new products from organic farming and bottled with environmentally friendly materials that, in addition, represent a boost for the economy of rural areas and, consequently, a noticeable improvement in the quality of life of those who inhabit it. This green philosophy that Cuatro Rayas sums up under the slogan of ‘Green & Social’ has also named one of the award-winning wines this year, since – shortly after being launched on the market- Green & Social Verdejo 2019 rose with a gold medal in Internationaler Bioweinpreis Wine System AG 2020 and with a Silver in the Baco 2020.

Other organic wines and wines from organically grown vineyards of the cooperative partners of Bodega Cuatro Rayas to achieve weight awards this year have been Cuatro Rayas Organic Verdejo 2019 (Gold in the Internationaler Bioweinpreis Wine System AG 2020) or Cuatro Rayas Organic Tempranillo 2019 (Silver in the Internationaler Bioweinpreis Wine System AG 2020).


The most exclusive and artisanal elaboration of Bodega Cuatro Rayas has also been unstoppable during 2020 by adding a good number of awards to its curriculum for the two vintages in force on the market.

Amador Ten 2015 has obtained three Gold medals in Berliner Wine Trophy 2020 , Frankfurt International Trophy 2020 and in the prestigious Brussels World Competition -where it was the only DO Rueda wine to achieve this award-. It has also been recognized with a Silver medal in the International Wine Challenge and both the Guide Peñín as the prescriber Tim atkin They have valued it with 93 points.

For its part, Amador Ten 2017 has achieved the Gold medal with his participation in Frankfurt International Trophy 2020 Y Berliner Wine Trophy 2020 , has been Silver in the Brussels World Competition 2020 and his most outstanding scores have been 95 points Tim atkin , 93 Peñín and 93+ Sobrelias .


Bodega Cuatro Rayas collects its ancestral tradition with this golden Rueda wine made from Verdejo and Palomino Fino grapes in the middle, turning this wine in the branch – which goes from the barrel to the bottle without clarifying or filtering – in the safeguarding of this last variety in the Do Rueda, where its plantation is prohibited.

This exclusive wine has the honor of being the most awarded of the cooperative winery of La Seca in this last year, since it has remained unstoppable in its harvest of awards and has managed to win Big Gold in the Frankfurt International Trophy 2020 , Gold in Berliner Wine Trophy Spring 2020 , Berliner Wine Trophy Summer 2020 Y Bacchus 2020 , as well as with each Silver in Decanter 2020 Y Mundus Vini 2020 . Regarding the scores with which he has been qualified this year, the 91 points stand out especially Parker and 95 points Peñín along with the 94 Sobrelias -magazine in which it has been included among the best 25 Wheels of the year- and 92 Tim atkin .

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