The summer edition of the 'Berliner Wine Trophy' awards a Gold medal to '61'Dorado en Rama, Amador Diez 2015 and Amador Diez 2017 and with a silver medal to Forty Harvests Cuvée 2018, highlighting the excellence of premium wines from the Valladolid winery.

‘Wine Spectator’ recognizes with 90 points the quality of Cuatro Rayas Vendimia Nocturna Verdejo

The American publication selects among its recommendations for Thanksgiving Four Stripes Night Harvest 2019, qualifies it with 90 points, and values the work of the wine-growing families of this cooperative

La Seca, November 23, 2020.- ‘Wine Spectator’ – an accredited North American magazine specializing in wines – has included the Verdejo flagship of the Cuatro Rayas cooperative winery in one of its latest articles, dedicated to the Thanksgiving holiday. The content shows the quality of the varietal Cuatro Rayas Night Harvest Verdejo 2019 , that they describe as “expressive” and of which praise its freshness and versatility when establishing pairings, its value for money and its cooperative origin , “Appropriate to celebrate a holiday focused on sharing and community.” Four Stripes Night Harvest 2019 appear rated with 90 points and a consumption window of at least 4 years is defined for him. Regarding its organoleptic characteristics, the notes of pear, herbal and limestone stand out, which “light up with the acidity of citrus fruits” and highlight the seductive power of the floral and saline aromatic notes that this product presents. white “vivid and elegant ”. Of the 9 wines from around the world cited in the magazine, only four have 90 or more points, being Four Stripes Night Vintage Verdejo the only Spanish wine of the selection . In addition, it is not the first time that this publication qualifies as ‘outstanding’ a wine from this winery in the DO Rueda, which accumulates numerous elaborations recognized with more than 90 points by the magazine, as is the case of the 91 points awarded in 2019 to ’61’ Gold or the 90 points of Forty Harvests Cuvée 2017, which shows the interest of North American prescribers in the elaborations of Cuatro Rayas.


Bodega Cuatro Rayas is a cooperative winery that since 1935 has brought together the passion for viticulture and the wine of more than 300 families in the rural environment. Located in the Valladolid town of La Seca, in the heart of the Rueda DO, this winery is world-renowned for the exceptional quality of its white wines, mainly made with Verdejo grapes, native to the territory in which they are located. Bodega Cuatro Rayas defines under its own brand ‘Green & Social the green philosophy that drives its activity: to produce exceptional wines in a sustainable and respectful way with the natural environment while promoting the well-being and social wealth of the population that inhabits the surroundings of its winery and that of the more than 30 towns in the Valladolid and Segovia provinces where the vineyards of its cooperative viticulturists are located. With this perspective, multiple initiatives are developed applicable to all Cuatro Rayas processes that seek to optimize the quality of the wines, minimize the environmental impact of their elaboration and guarantee the quality of life and the generational change of the 383 families of the workers and cooperative members that are part of the winery


‘Wine Spectator’ is one of the most prestigious North American wine magazines in the Anglo-Saxon and North American world; The publication, with more than forty years of experience, was founded by Bob Morrisey in 1976. The ‘Wine Spectator’ tasting team selects wines from all over the world for their articles that qualify on a scale of 85 to 100 points. The wines that achieve scores between 90 and 95 points are recognized as ‘outstanding’ by the magazine, of important prescriptive influence for specialized public and wine lovers from all over the world.

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