Harvest 2020: the ‘Gran Vino de Rueda’ was born in an early, short campaign with wide aromatic potential

Bodega Cuatro Rayas opens a selection table, a press for small vinifications and tanks to ensure the aging and greater longevity of the Verdejo grape

La Seca, October 8, 2020.- Bodega Cuatro Rayas – immersed in the winemaking work after the harvest – takes stock of an early and short campaign (from September 1 to 25) that has been carried out in a particularly orderly and staggered manner in order to comply with the strict protocols against COVID-19. The practical absence of rain during the harvest weeks -with some showers that were positive for the control of ripening-, added to appropriate parameters of acidity, pH and probable alcohol, have resulted in high-quality grapes with a high concentration aromatic precursors that will allow obtaining a wine with good volume, balanced acidity, but above all aromatic.

In a year with a mild climate -with a summer in which no hail has been suffered-, in which the grape yields have been moderate and the health status appropriate, the cooperative has harvested more than 2,400 hectares in 30 towns in Valladolid and Segovia in which a wide range of varieties is grown – mainly Verdejo, but also Sauvignon Blanc, Viura, Palomino Fino and Tempranillo -. The nearly 300 winegrowing partners that make up the cooperative, together with the winery’s technical department, have coordinated throughout the vegetative cycle in order to obtain the highest quality at harvest time. The winery, which continues to bet on organic vineyards and sustainability, has continued to promote the cultivation of organic hawthorns. The health of the grapes in this campaign has been good and in the cases in which treatment has been required in the plant, it has been opted to dispense with insecticides and techniques such as sexual confusion by pheromones have been used to prevent and eliminate pests.

The main novelty of the vintage is found in the adhesion of the winery to the new category of the Rueda appellation of origin: ‘Gran Vino de Rueda’, which requires that the grapes used for the elaborations framed in this new quality framework start from vineyards with a maximum yield of 6,500 kilos per hectare and age over 30 years. In this sense, the cooperative has the largest area of old vineyards in the DO Rueda, with parcels of centenary vineyards -even in certain cases pre-phylloxera- and a large part with more than 40 years. These vineyards have undergone a selection process by the Field and Oenology departments to determine which parcels will be used for the production of wines under this new category. The selected estates have been harvested manually and selected in crates during the day and have also been processed manually upon entering the winery to guarantee the exceptional nature of the grapes for these special elaborations.

New selection table, press and tanks for the development of special elaborations
Bodega Cuatro Rayas has incorporated new equipment for grape processing into its facilities. Grapes of selected hawthorn grapes have passed through the new selection table, harvested manually during the day and refrigerated in drawers in a cold room – and which, later, have been processed differently according to their parcel of origin on the way to a last generation press for small volumes. (8,000 kilos). The must extracted from these grapes has been transferred to different types of tanks – stainless steel, oak, concrete and barrels – in order to develop special elaborations and also for the development of archaeoenology tasks with which to ensure optimal aging of the grapes. Verdejo.

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