The #VitresCuatroRayas initiative will raise awareness and optimize the application and handling of phytosanitary products in viticulture

#VitresCuatroRayas is born

The #VitresCuatroRayas initiative will raise awareness and optimize the application and handling of phytosanitary products in viticulture

La Seca, July 28, 2020. – The Business Association for the Protection of Plants and Cuatro Rayas Winery, together with the Junta de Castilla y León through the Ministry of Agriculture, are developing a collaboration project with which they intend to make wine growers aware of the importance of prevention labor and compliance with good agricultural practices in the handling and use of phytosanitary products. The leading winery of the Rueda Denomination of Origin has more than 300 winegrowing partners who work around 2,500 hectares in about thirty towns located in the provinces of Valladolid and Segovia.

The fundamental axis of #VitresCuatroRayas -name with which this initiative has been baptized- is based on the conviction that good agricultural practices must be complied with in all phases of development of the viticultural activity, which implies following at all times the indications of protection and security necessary in the manipulation of phytosanitary products; that is, from the purchase of the product itself to the management of empty containers, as well as re-entry tasks. It is considered essential to follow at all times the indications on the labeling of this type of products, which include the protection, hygiene and preventive measures, officially prescribed, such as – for example – the use of gloves. As it has been detected that users do not always understand and comply with these preventive measures, despite the risks that not following them may entail for their health, this project has been launched to promote good agricultural practices among vineyard workers.

The cooperative’s wine-growing partners will provide key information
#VitresCuatroRayas is already underway, having carried out a preliminary phase of analysis of the starting situation, in which surveys have been carried out on a selection of winegrowers who are members of the Bodega Cuatro Rayas cooperative. These surveys have been carried out by the technical advisors of the winery, so that the information provided by the winegrowers is, as far as possible, as faithful to reality as possible.

In the same way that has been done in other similar projects -as is the case of citrus fruits in the Valencian Community or in vineyards in La Rioja-, from the information obtained in the surveys, it will be determined at what points the applications can be improved. of phytosanitary products in matters related to the safety of the operator and also in terms of the correct calibration of the treatment machinery, which will make it possible to avoid water contamination when these substances are applied, counting on the TOPPS project.
In addition to developing preventive measures, as part of this project, informative material will be prepared that can be used both by trainers and advisers and by the farmers themselves in the performance of their daily work.

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