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Useful information for cooperatives and cooperativists during the state of alarm


From URCACYL they have prepared the following guide to the guidelines for the proper application of Royal Decree 463/2020 during the state of alarm that we hope will be of interest to you and will facilitate compliance with current regulations.



Update date: 20-03-2020


Special agricultural vehicles and their sets

  • Exemption to obtain authorization for certain vehicles and their sets.
  • Extension of the validity of the authorizations whose term ends during the validity of the state of alarm and its extensions.


Terms of obligations established in industrial regulations:

  • Remain suspended the deadlines imposed by the administration to submit to mandatory technical actions for maintenance and / or technical inspection of vehicles and other products and industrial facilities.

Vehicle repair shops:

  • Vehicle repair shops may remain open They will not be able to carry out retail trade activities that are not considered essential.

The ITV expires during the period of the Alarm state:

  • Those vehicles whose inspection expires in this period They will be able to circulate without problems in terms of fines and insurance.

Sell any product online:

  • Internet, telephone or correspondence commerce is allowed , without conditioning it by type of product. Deliveries must comply with the recommendations issued regarding distance, use of gloves, etc.

Towns of emptied Spain, is the street vending of basic necessities allowed ?:

  • The RD does not refer, in particular, to this type of sale . However, art. 10.1 contemplates the suspension of any other activity or establishment that, in the judgment of the competent authority , may pose a risk of contagion.

Establishments that sell wholesale:

  • The RD does not contemplate any limitation to the development of wholesaling . However, it is subject to the measures established by the competent authority, pursuant to articles 13, 14 and 15, to ensure the supply of the necessary goods and services.

Payment by card, is it mandatory or recommended ?:

  • The RD does not foresee any limitation regarding means of payment. However, and for the sake of a greater guarantee of hygiene it would be It is advisable to avoid the manipulation and exchange of any element such as coins .



Assistance to plots, country houses, etc., for the attention of private gardens, pets, livestock, etc .:

  • Allowed displacement, by roads and public spaces.

Occupants in vehicles:

  • For activities exempt from limitation for the purposes of freedom of movement, people may only circulate, on foot or by means of transport , by the roads or spaces of public use, individually , unless accompanying people with disabilities, minors, elderly, or for other justified cause (justified cause is at the discretion of the Agent). (Consulted the Civil Guard of Traffic ( there is nothing written ), criterion / example: a 9-seater workers vehicle, a maximum of 3 occupants may go, one for each row and with sanitary measures.)



Opening of the retail trade for the sale of inputs for agriculture, livestock and fishing:

  • Agricultural, livestock, aquaculture or fishing activity requires the use of inputs for its proper performance, such as the use of fertilizers, phytosanitary products, seeds and seedlings, veterinary products, feed, salt, ice, supplies, etc. For this, the activity of the retail trade that supplies this type of inputs has continuity, since are essential activities to ensure primary production and, with it, the food supply to citizens. Sometimes this retail trade is provided by the agricultural cooperatives themselves. These products are also sometimes sold in establishments that sell other types of products. In this case, the activity will be limited to that necessary for the sale of inputs to farmers, ranchers, aquaculturists and fishermen.

Procedures related to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP):

  • The application period has been extended until June, 15 .



Official Control Plans:

  • Any inspection is suspended , except those necessary for the operation of agricultural holdings, lifting of immobilizations and the like.

Livestock Sanitation:

  • The Livestock Sanitation Campaign is suspended , except requests from parties prior to the movement of livestock, export, recovery of qualification …

Suspension of administrative deadlines:

  • Communication of documents of transfers, identification, deaths, births …

You can to download the document at the following link: Alarm Status Guidelines v.1 20-03-2020

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