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Isabel Mijares, pioneer of wine in Spain: ‘The Verdejo grape is elegant and structured, it is a wine you can always trust’

The oenologist Isabel Mijares – the first woman to obtain this degree in Spain – stars in the fourth installment of ‘Las charlas del vino español’

Mijares, together with Javier Pérez Andrés, reviews his career and the current situation of the wine scene and firmly assures that there are no limits for a woman in the sector, “the only thing that a woman cannot do is pee against the wall”

La Seca (Valladolid), December 10, 2019.- After conversations with the journalist Carlos Delgado, the sommelier Custodio Zamarra and the journalist and writer José Peñín in previous installments of ‘The talks of Spanish wine’, the protagonist of the fourth chapter In this format – which revolves around wine and its evolution in recent years – is a woman who has been everything in the world of oenology: Isabel Mijares. The journalist Javier Pérez Andrés talks with her at the Mesón del Cid restaurant in Madrid.

Isabel Mijares treasures one of the most extraordinary curricula in the Spanish wine sector. Graduated in oenology in Bordeaux, she was the first woman who opted for a world then unknown after finishing her studies in Chemistry. His ability to communicate, his intelligence and his dexterity in human relations have allowed him to win the affection of the sector in many countries. It has traveled the five continents. He has chaired professional associations, regulatory councils, congresses, international forums … And, among all of this, his didactic work stands out, both in the missions carried out in America in the field of research and the promotion of viticulture, as well as in numerous events in the who has always shown a special ability to connect with the public. His descriptive phrases are already famous in the world of tasting, where he always finds original, transgressive and ingenious examples.

Today, Isabel Mijares is still in full activity, traveling, participating in competitions, advising wineries and – above all – representing her country in many forums and cultural and technical events related to the world of wine. For all these reasons, this chapter of ‘The talks on Spanish wine’ is almost a document on the recent history of oenology and viticulture in Spain.

Together with Javier Pérez Andrés, Mijares reviews his entire career and analyzes the current situation in a conversation peppered with anecdotes, curiosities and data on the history of wine. In this sense, Verdejo stands out as one of the grapes that produces great wines today, ensuring that ‘Verdejo is elegant and structured, a wine that can always be trusted’. Furthermore, she is emphatic when she points out that women have no limits in this sector: “the only thing a woman cannot do is pee against the wall.”

You can see the complete video on the YouTube channel of Bodega Cuatro Rayas:

You can see the summary video in Spanish and subtitled in English:


Promotion of wine culture
‘The talks on Spanish wine’ is a format that is committed to new technologies, with an exclusive distribution through social networks. 30-minute chapters that show the meeting of great wine prescribers in our country with Javier Pérez Andrés, a specialized journalist whose career has placed him as an opinion leader in information on wine, tourism and gastronomy in Castilla y León. In these meetings, they share their opinions, values and criteria. All this in a series of conversations, which, for the first time in Spain, generate a serious and knowledge-laden debate on the part of the most authoritative voices in the sector: journalists, sommeliers and different professionals of recognized prestige. The initiative ‘The talks on Spanish wine’ is sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas, a benchmark in the DO Rueda. With quality wine as a fundamental pillar, the winery focuses with this new format on the knowledge of the wine sector from the hand of experts.

Thanks to Mesón del Cid Restaurant:

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