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Cuatro Rayas highlights Palomino de Rueda with a thousand bottles of Dorado

It vindicates the leading grape at the dawn of the Rueda DO and of which the cooperative protects a hundred-year-old hectare

La Seca, September 4, 2019.- Bodega Cuatro Rayas puts on sale, restricted by quota given its limited production, ’61 Dorado en Rama ‘, a unique wine that brings out the best of the Palomino grape in the Rueda Denomination of Origin, a grape condemned to disappear since it has Its plantation has been banned, but of which the Lasecana cooperative pampers centuries-old vines with the aim of continuing the original elaborations of the area. ’61’ Dorado en Rama is a faithful reminder of the generous white wine that was in the Golden Age, being likewise the wine of the Court at the time of the Catholic Monarchs; Rancio had its maximum splendor with the Royal Order of 1911 in which Tierra de Medina wine was declared as a special wine similar to those of Jerez. Without a vintage, this selection is the only take out of the boots in 2019.

The Palomino de Cuatro Rayas, barely one hectare dating back a century, is half vinified with centennial Verdejo that refreshes a selection of twelve plus one bocoyes with flower. The oenologists Elena M. Oyagüe and Roberto L. Tello have tasted more than a hundred barrels, some with wines from 60 years ago, selecting the best to make a coupage exceptional. The wine, aged in these bocoyes, similar to the solera systems of Jerez, when it loses its veil of flower, at the end of spring, undergoes an oxidation process that browns it; from the boot to the bottle without clarifying or filtering this ‘Dorado En Rama’ is a perennial expression of the authentic soleras of the mid-twentieth century in the now DO Rueda.

The wine bears the 61 mark as a flag. El Dorado was the first wine to be bottled at the winery. In the 1938 vintage, the partners decided to take the wine to the winery for the first time and put it in large vats. They chose the best one they had with a clear objective: to make aged in a community way and in everyone’s home. With the vats loaded with wine, tank number 61 was the best of all, so they decided that that would be the name that the first bottles would wear: then the first commercial brand of the cooperative was born.

61 Dorado en Rama (94 Peñín points) and 61 Dorado (91 Wine Spectator points and 91 Peñín)

The Peñín Guide, an international reference, has awarded 94 points to ’61 Dorado en Rama ‘(50% Palomino and 50% Verdejo). In 2018, the last traditional sack of ’61 Dorado ‘(75% Verdejo and 25 Palomino) was carried out, which has been sold uninterruptedly since the 50s of the last century, a wine that in recent years has received very positive reviews ( 91 Peñín points and 89 Parker) and to which Wine Spectator has just awarded 91 points in the magazine published in October 2019.

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