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Carlos Delgado, critic: “The best strategic area for wine in Spain is Castilla y León”

The specialized journalist stars in the first of ‘The Spanish wine talks’, a new dissemination format around the world of wine, sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas and directed by Javier Pérez Andrés, also an agri-food and wine journalist

La Seca (Valladolid), June 2019.- Carlos Delgado, wine critic for the newspaper ‘El País’, is the first guest of ‘Las charlas del vino español’, a novel dissemination format in which experts from the wine sector will share conversations that revolve around wine and the revolution that this has experienced in recent years. This content that bets on new technologies and RRSS for its dissemination, sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas, will have 30-minute chapters that will be broadcast in full on YouTube, in which the meeting of these great wine prescribers in Spain with Javier Pérez Andrés, specialized journalist whose career has placed him as an opinion leader in wine, tourism and gastronomy information.

Summary of the interview with English subtitles
Full interview

In these meetings they will share their opinions, values and criteria. All this in a series of conversations, which, for the first time, generate a serious and knowledge-laden debate by the most authoritative voices in the sector: journalists, sommeliers and different professionals of recognized prestige. Espacio Primavera 9, in the heart of Madrid, is the setting for the first of these talks, held with the journalist Carlos Delgado. Delgado reflects on this conversation about wine in our country, both in terms of its history and its evolution. In addition, the journalist advocates the implementation of changes in the way of understanding and enjoying wine, with proposals such as the importance of promoting sensory education from childhood. With regard to the current situation, Delgado has been categorical, ensuring that “the best area strategically speaking for wine in Spain is the community of Castilla y León.”

At the end of each talk, the guests and Pérez Andrés enjoy a table and tablecloth in renowned restaurants where Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias Cuvée, a collection Verdejo exclusively distributed in hospitality and the best wine bars are paired. In the case of the conversation between Javiér Pérez Andrés and Carlos Delgado, the meal took place at the renowned Madrid wine bar restaurant García de la Navarra.

Reference wine critic: 25 years in El País
Carlos Delgado’s relevance in the sector is supported by his extensive career in the specialized press, after more than 25 years as an oenological critic for the newspaper El País. In addition, he is the author of books such as ‘One Hundred Master Recipes’, ‘The Kitchen of Great Chefs’, ‘The Wine Book’ or, more recently, the ‘Manual of the Holy Drinker’. He has also been the creator and curator of such significant events as Vinoble, Sicer, TopWineSpain, La Calle de Baco or EspaiPriorat.

Support for wine culture
The initiative ‘The talks on Spanish wine’ is sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas, a reference cooperative in the Spanish wine world and the flagship of the DO Rueda. With quality wine as a fundamental pillar, the winery focuses with this new format on the knowledge of the wine sector from the hand of the greatest experts at the national level.

Thanks to Spring 9 Space already Garcia de la Navarra Wine Bar Restaurant

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