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Kiko: “The support of the fans is essential for permanence”

The former footballer from Cádiz, a ‘specialist’ in his teams to avoid relegation, toasts ‘the goal’ with Cuatro Rayas in the preview of the decisive Atlético de Madrid – Real Valladolid this Saturday

La Seca (Valladolid), April 24, 2019.- Decisive in the ‘miracles’ of Cádiz. Saving table in the worst moments of Atlético. Francisco Miguel Narváez Machón (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1972), better known as Kiko, is a symbol of Atlético de Madrid. Player who, on the other hand and among other merits, achieved the ‘double’ for the rojiblanco club in the 1995/96 season, with Simeone as a partner. Authorized voice of the mattress feeling, he sits with Benjamín Zarandona before the momentous Atlético de Madrid – Real Valladolid. Given the situation of the Pucelano club, Kiko affirms that “I give great importance, Benji and you have lived it, and over the years… to the fans, and the communion that there has to be, that surrounds the team because that is essential not to put nervous to the kids ”.
“With Valladolid I also have very good anecdotes playing in Zorrilla. One day, as a substitute, my soul felt cold and my feet were not feeling my toes. The game was even and in the end we tied at one. I really didn’t feel my feet or toes and I had to go in and didn’t touch a ball ”. With this salt shaker, Kiko remembers this funny situation, which has as its final protagonist Jesús Gil and Gil, the former president of the athletic club. “And Jesús Gil enters the locker room and tells me ‘you have horchata. Beach ladybug ‘and I tell him that I can’t feel my feet, how am I going to play football ”.

The boy from Jerez who wanted to be a footballer
Benjamin leads the friendly conversation to Kiko’s beginnings in the world of soccer. “I came to Cádiz when I was 13, because I am from Jerez, and I live in a pension in my 20s. You can imagine the illusion of a child to play in the first team, who carries a bag that is only full of underpants, which is what my mother gives me, who gave me 1,200 pesetas back then ”. He acknowledges that “at that time he only had a goal and then when he was older the only thing he didn’t have was a goal, but when he was little, all the ones he caught he grabbed. I went for a test and they said yes and then I started living in a pension. I had to leave my neighborhood, my friends, my family … My parents told me ‘do you want to be a footballer, then go to a pension’ and there in the pension I met the great Mágico González ”.

Mágico González, between Cádiz and Valladolid
Kiko gets excited when talking about Jorge Alberto González Barillas, Mágico González, the emblematic player of Cádiz CF and who also, during a brief period, wore a blanquivioleta for Real Valladolid. Benjamin asks him what caught his attention, to which Kiko replies: “The first thing, the talent; But what most caught my attention was the nobility and generosity he had. Do you know how he got to restaurants many times? Barefoot. We said ‘Hey wizard, what are you doing?’ and he replied that ‘a kid needed the slippers’. People were waiting for him in the restaurant and gave him his jacket, his shoes … ”

A gold player
Kiko was part of the Olympic team that won the gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. “I have always said that when they give me the medal they gave me the soccer player medal. I came from Cádiz, from playing the promotion with Figueras, but there were people there who had won the League, the European Cup (Chapi Ferrer, Guardiola with Barça…) ”. Kiko remembers the end of the game (3-2 against Poland), when he scored the final goal in the last minute of the match: “To the referee, who was Colombian, I said: ‘You who understand me, whistle the end that I’m not going to earn more in my life. ‘

The ‘archer’ of the Calderón
Benjamin turns a new page in the career of Kiko, the genius and figure of Atlético de Madrid. Kiko reviews his initial stage as “complicated and maturing very quickly, my doubts, my fears enter me and I believe that I am not a player for either Atlético de Madrid or Primera because we were playing very badly. Already the second year was a little better, I matured and picked up the roll, gaining confidence Until in the seventh year I injured both ankles, they had to operate on me and I am in a wheelchair for two months, I even spent some time in the Tetraplegic Hospital of Toledo. And the hardest thing was that it happened to me when I was 27 years old and I retired when I was 29. When Arrigo Sacchi was the coach and I was the captain, and when you think you are the leader of the team and say to throw them all over me … that’s when I I hurt ”.

Stronger as a person
After his serious injury and subsequent retirement, Kiko admits feeling stronger: “In obstacles you see how people are with you. I was in Toledo and I saw an 8-year-old boy, with the Atlético de Madrid poster and flag, and that the child could only move his eyes from an accident with his parents. And when I entered he started to cry and I had to leave. Because you know that you are in a wheelchair with both ankles, but you know that in two months you will be able to play football and walk again, but you see that creature … It was not a humility cure, it was a well-given slap . I’m like to complain. Bad luck, bad luck mine? ”

Jesús Gil, public figure
Benjamin, curious, asks Kiko about Jesús Gil and what he really was like. Kiko assures that “you had to meet him, a visceral uncle who let everything go around here[señalándose a la boca] . I would say ‘presi, you can’t’ and he would answer me ‘it’s that my mouth gets hot’ “. Carried out today, a new club president of this personality seems unlikely. Kiko remembers his pluses and minuses with him: “Look today with social networks […], with Jesus… 26 million jokes. I even said to the president… “Presi, if you want to talk, we will go to a locker room, we put on our gloves and we give each other you and me, but stop talking around.”

Simeone, athletic soul
Kiko describes Simeone as the “perfect coach for Atlético de Madrid. The idiosyncrasy, how he knows the people, the fans, the affection they have for him. Cholo’s arrival 7 or 8 seasons ago has been a blessing because he catches Atlético de Madrid having been eliminated with Albacete from Segunda B in Copa del Rey and fourth down the tail[en la Liga] . And suddenly… Champions, finals, budget, everything… ”. Kiko knows him well, since they shared a dressing room for several seasons: “Simeone is the same as when he was a player, he wouldn’t let you take a nap, talking all day.”

Toast to the goal
Bodega Cuatro Rayas creates this space within its sponsorship of Real Valladolid. It is a meeting point for lovers of football in general and Real Valladolid in particular. Open, carefree and with the aim of transferring the human side of a sport that fascinates millions of people around the world. Francisco Miguel Narváez Machón is already Benjamin’s tenth guest, who acts as master of ceremonies. Soon, new public figures will chat with him to reveal his anecdotes and curiosities. Well-known faces from the world of sports, the media, entertainment … Who will be the next to make a ‘toast to the goal’ with Cuatro Rayas?

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