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César Sánchez: “Madrid have a difficult game in Pucela”

The Real Valladolid and Real Madrid exporter analyzes in a toast ‘to the goal’ with Benjamin the meeting next Sunday in Zorrilla, in addition to reviewing his long career, anecdotes and friendship with Ronaldo

La Seca (Valladolid), March 5, 2019.- Caesar and Benjamin. Benjamin and Caesar. Two teammates from Real Valladolid who sit at the Cuatro Rayas table. César Sánchez (Coria, Cáceres, 1971) has an impressive track record after the military also at Real Madrid and Valencia, among other teams. In its showcases, two Spanish Leagues, a Champions League, an Intercontinental Cup, two Spanish Super Cups and a European Super Cup. And, with Valladolid, he was part of the unforgettable ‘EuroPucela’. In addition, he is the oldest goalkeeper to play an official match in the Spanish La Liga (40 years and 8 days). Let’s leave the introductions, let it be Benjamín Zarandona who puts the ball in play: “Who signs you for Valladolid?” in a town in Extremadura that hits the ball very hard and they are going to see Don Benito. Madrid and Barça wanted to sign me, but I went to Valladolid because I had an aunt there ”.

Already in the city, from the beginning he showed his precocity: “When I was 15 years old I trained with the first team in a field in El Pinar, the Annexes were not yet there. César has great memories of his time at the club and, as he himself confesses, “I have some terrible anecdotes, I remember one with Javier Yepes, that he forced me to take out. I tell my children about it and they die laughing. It was a drama pulling out. With a volley he hit her with a scandal, but from below, when there was a headwind, he did not take her out of the area in the Annexes ”. César closely follows the club’s current affairs and values the quarry policy of proximity and closeness that he considers the team should carry: “Valladolid’s areas of influence have to be where you can generate an ascendancy. It is not a question of money, because there will always be someone who has more money than Valladolid and who can break a clause and who can break a contract. So, what you have to generate is ascendancy over the boys who grow up in the quarry, which is what we had ”.

Valladolid, his city. The wine, a story of affection.
César confesses that “I had a bad time when I went to Valladolid, I came from a town of 15,000 inhabitants and I had a bad time. Valladolid was a complicated city for me in the beginning, but now it is my city. If I leave Valencia, to look for me in Valladolid, that is clearer than water ”. Benjamin asks him about the gastronomy and the wines, which César describes as “a marvel and you also take a special affection for people who know how to take care of this [cogiendo una copa de verdejo], how he treats it, how he spends hours, how he looks at the sky to see if it is raining or not raining, if it is the ideal point for the harvest, then how they collect it, how they process it … Dear”.

Stage at Real Madrid, as good as Pucela
Benjamín pulls the newspaper library to remember César’s time at Real Madrid, which the exporter considers as wonderful as that of Pucela [while he comments on this, visibly moved, he caresses the Real Valladolid shirt on the table]. I thought that I was going to have a lot of difficulty adapting to a locker room where people always talked about how there were many egos… everything was out of reality, lie. It was a normal place, where I had a great time, I enjoyed that wardrobe for five spectacular years and the people were more normal than normal ”.

Ronaldo, golf partner
César estimates that “Real Valladolid is fortunate to have a spectacular President, a spectacular owner. I was two years with him[Ronaldo] and we spent many hours together. He’s a very special guy, he’s very charismatic. I was lucky that we shared a hobby of playing golf and we spent many hours together. He is a person who is in the world top of the sport ”.

Sunday, March 10: Real Valladolid – Real Madrid
Benjamín, prior to the toast ‘to the goal’ with Verdejo Cuatro Rayas Nocturnal Harvest, asked César for his assessment for the Pucela League match: “It is a difficult game for Madrid, it is not an easy way out for them. In fact, Pucela has competed very well with all the teams in the upper and noble zone of the table ”, César analyzes.

Toast to the goal
Bodega Cuatro Rayas creates this space within its sponsorship of Real Valladolid. It is a meeting point for lovers of football in general and Real Valladolid in particular. Open, carefree and with the aim of transferring the human side of a sport that fascinates millions of people around the world. César Sánchez is already Benjamin’s ninth guest, who acts as master of ceremonies. Soon, new public figures will chat with him to reveal his anecdotes and curiosities. Well-known faces from the world of sports, the media, entertainment … Who will be the next to make a ‘toast to the goal’ with Cuatro Rayas?

Thanks to Don Salvatore Restaurant (Valencia – www.donsalvatore.com).

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