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Manu Carreño makes a toast to Valladolid with Cuatro Rayas

The popular sports journalist shares with Benjamin a toast ‘to the goal’ that reviews their common childhood in Valladolid, his career as a radio and television professional and the news of Real Valladolid

La Seca (Valladolid), February 13, 2019.- Gran Vía 32, eighth floor, headquarters of Cadena Ser in Madrid. A well-known workspace for Benjamín, a regular contributor to the radio, but even more so for Manu Carreño (Valladolid, 1969). From there he has directed Carrusel Deportivo and now El Larguero, sports reference programs on Spanish airwaves. There, two friends from the Barrio de Las Delicias meet who share a recording studio to make a toast “to the goal” for their city, for Valladolid. Of course, this time the roles change. Manu goes from being an interviewer to being interviewed by Benjamin, who asks the first question: “What do you think of the wine?[Cuatro Rayas] ? ” “From Valladolid, what am I going to tell you,” Manu answers, making his homeland home. Benjamin continues, pulling the newspaper library: “Who was going to tell me, when we met in the neighborhood on the bus, at number 4[el Cuatro Rayas… apostillan al unison entre risas] ”. Manu picks up the glove: “I remember, it is true that as a child you have many dreams … I used to see you play at Valladolid and this player said how good he is and he saw you in the street playing with your brothers.”

Dialogue between friends
The conversation flows in an agile way, exchanging frames of the past:
– Benjamin: “I remember your words, when we were on the bus … do you remember?”
– Manu: “Yes, of course I remember.”
– Benjamin: “You were selling some extraordinary suits.”
– Manu: “Please, the best ones.”
– Benjamin: “And you told me: ‘I’m going to do a test in Madrid'”.
– Manu: “It’s true. They called me from Canal Plus to do some tests and, if I passed the tests, they would take me as an intern. And there I went. I told myself, they are not going to catch me, but I’m going there ”.
– Benjamin: “And you told me that … and I haven’t seen you anymore … hahaha.”
– Manu: “Hahaha, we’ve seen each other a lot. He had been on the radio and on local TV for several years[de Valladolid] combining it with other things. At the time he was selling pants. I came here for three months… and I am still here ”.

The city of Valladolid
Manu recognizes that “I go to Valladolid when I can, to take a Cuatro Rayas” and that he longs for his childhood in the city. “I keep the life of the neighborhood. Of course, with everything I learned, but above all I am left with the life of the neighborhood that the kids no longer have, that life that we had ”. Benjamin asks him about the gastronomic level of the city, which Manu applauds: “People hallucinate how well you eat. I am looking forward to going to Valladolid to which I have been all my life and also to other places that have opened new ones ”.

A career dedicated to sports
Manu reviews his professional career: “The Spanish team has marked us so much and above all I have had to tell it and live it with them, which wins over the rest. I remember the interview with Luis Aragonés in the preview of the final [of the European Championship, 2008]. I was convinced that we were champions, because you saw Luis Aragonés convinced that he had transmitted to the footballers that our time had come. That moment was ours ”. In addition, Manu recalls other moments, such as his interview with Rafael Nadal: “You start talking to him and you realize what is inside, apart from tennis. A humble uncle, who from the values of education, family, of never having lost his mind ”.

Ronaldo and Real Valladolid
Benjamín and Manu review the actuality of Real Valladolid. Manu values Ronaldo’s entry as “Very good. Although perhaps people are a little impatient to see which rabbit they take out of the hat, you have to be patient because some of them are going to take out ”.

You can see the full video on the Cuatro Rayas YouTube channel:

Toast to the goal
Bodega Cuatro Rayas creates this space within its sponsorship of Real Valladolid. It is a meeting point for lovers of football in general and Real Valladolid in particular. Open, carefree and with the aim of transferring the human side of a sport that fascinates millions of people around the world. Manu Carreño is already the eighth guest of Benjamin, who acts as master of ceremonies. Soon, new public figures will chat with him to reveal his anecdotes and curiosities. Well-known faces from the world of sports, the media, entertainment … Who will be the next to make a ‘toast to the goal’ with Cuatro Rayas?

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