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Toast to the Goal with Eva Marciel: “SEMINCI is cinema with capital letters”

The renowned actress, presenter of the 2018 edition of the Valladolid International Film Week, toasts ‘el gol’ with Cuatro Rayas for the city of her heart, its people and its wine

La Seca (Valladolid), October 24, 2018.- 3, 2, 1. Camera. Health! The toast is the clapperboard that marks the start of the match. The spotlights point to the game stage, where each figure plays its role. To the right of your screens, Eva Marciel. On the left, Benjamin Zarandona. They both play at home. Zorrilla Square, Zorrila Theater (Valladolid County Council) and José Zorrilla Stadium. “The first time I went to a professional soccer game was in Valladolid, of course. That feeling of entering the stadium is never taken away from you, even if you go to any stadium in the world later, ”says Eva, a Pucela fan since she was a child.


This first foray into the tables opens the parallelism of the entertainment world with sport. “Interpretation and football have a lot to do with it,” says Eva, who follows the text: “As a footballer, you have to have some starting skills, but you also have to be in the right place at the right time. Being seen by the right scout or being in the right ‘casting’ and fitting into a project or working on a team ”. Benjamin, as a good prompter, gives him the opportunity to narrate his beginnings. “It’s playing, it’s having fun doing something you like. It really has a lot to do with football! ”

Chin Chin! Rest: players to dressing rooms. The second act begins of cinema. “SEMINCI for me is cinema in capital letters,” says Eva, who confesses next: “I began to discover non-commercial cinema thanks to this festival. As a child I escaped from high school to watch movies ”. At that point the plot focuses on Valladolid, its gastronomy, its wines … “We have a wonderful city”, defends Eva, who makes an aside: “We have a wonderful historical heritage, monuments, a well-preserved city, a Plaza Mayor … It is a city that has culture, that breathes culture and sports too! ”. “Here you go anywhere and they have a good spike. Yes, you eat well in Valladolid ”, Eva concludes.

The scenery gives way to the actors. “When you have a friend from Valladolid, it is forever. We are real people. Those of us from Valladolid are true friends ”. Eva feels very from Valladolid, although she was born in Madrid. “I am seven months old. My mother was working in Madrid and I decided to go ahead two months, but I grew up here in Valladolid […] My parents are from Velliza and I am very proud and I make a lot of home for my people ”. The curtain is lowered, although the performance must continue.

Toast to the goal

Bodega Cuatro Rayas creates this space within its sponsorship of Real Valladolid. It is a meeting point for lovers of football in general and Real Valladolid in particular. Open, carefree and with the aim of transferring the human side of a sport that fascinates millions of people around the world. Eva Marciel is Benjamin’s fourth guest, who acts as master of ceremonies. Soon, new public figures will chat with him to reveal his anecdotes and curiosities. Well-known faces from the world of sports, the media, entertainment … Who will be the next to make a ‘toast to the goal’ with Cuatro Rayas?

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