Harvest 2018: great quality, with new vineyards and total absence of rain

La Seca (Valladolid), October 11, 2018.- Bodega Cuatro Rayas has closed this Thursday, October 11, after an exact month since the harvest started, a campaign in which a collection of grapes classified according to the age of the vineyards has been carried out. In the vineyards over 40 years old, the harvest has been carried out in boxes, grapes from different plots selected in a refrigerated chamber and pressed inertis (100% of the pressed musts are protected from oxidation).

Located in the heart of Rueda, Cuatro Rayas accounts for around 16 percent of the production of the Rueda Designation of Origin. Its partners own nearly 2,500 hectares of their own vineyard, among which some of the oldest vineyards in the appellation stand out. Of the total collection this year, more than a million kilos correspond to manual hawks in old, over forty years and even centenarians, while the rest is the result of a night mechanical harvesting.

José Martín del Campo, Vineyard Technical Director at Bodega Cuatro Rayas, and also vice president of the DO, a professional who has worked in Rueda vineyards since 1992 “It is the first time that a campaign has been completed in our winery with a total absence of rain. Not a drop of water in a month “ . He assures that this fact has made it easier for the grapes to reach the winery in the best sanitary conditions and the ideal degree of maturity ”. Martín del Campo highlights the fact that “it has been harvested very gradually, taking advantage of the extensions to the winery and the new fermentation tanks”. “The thermal contrast between day and night has been quite wide, as is usual in the area, around 20 degrees. The probable alcohol parameters have been very balanced and with very good acidity ”, he confirms.

Manual vemidimia in boxes and mechanized night harvest
The cooperative, which has more than 300 members located in some thirty towns between Valladolid and Segovia, has collected around 19 million kilos of grapes. This is an abundant harvest with new Verdejo and Sauvignon vineyards incorporated by the cooperative’s members. A wider harvest of organic hawthorn has also been carried out given the growing demand for this type of wine, as well as a collection at night and with a machine in the trellis hawks with the aim of harvesting the grapes more fast, at low temperature and without light and thus avoid oxidation.

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