Benjamín and Borja toast with Verdejo de Cuatro Rayas at the winery's facilities in La Seca

Borja toasts ‘the goal’ with Cuatro Rayas

More than 200 games with Real Valladolid, in three different stages, with two promotions to First Division, and a symbol of the Pucela fans. This is how Borja Fernández can be introduced, a footballer who after training in the Real Madrid quarry has played in clubs such as RCD Mallorca, Getafe CF, RC Deportivo de la Coruña, SD Eibar, UD Almería … even Atlético de Kokalta de la Indian League. Galician by birth and pucelano by adoption, he has always had # 4RayasPucela and the city of Valladolid in his heart.

Benjamín Zarandona, a Real Valladolid historical, also known for his time at Real Betis and current sports commentator, maintains a healthy conversation with Borja in which they review his professional career, hobbies, anecdotes … You can see the full video on the channel Youtube channel of Cuatro Rayas. Borja kick-off recalling his first stage at Real Valladolid, who was playing in the Second Division at the time: “When I came to Valladolid, the next day, before signing, they called me from three places[de Primera División] so that they would not sign and I said no “. Benjamín follows the game by asking Borja about the promotion to First: “Mendilibar’s came out almost everything perfect, and it was very nice, but last year on a personal level it is almost better”, Borja responds early, which is not cut. a hair when talking about their different ‘looks’: “I went to do highlights and they got confused with the dye and they turned me orange.”

Benjamín puts a center in the Pucela area that Borja finishes off the squad: “Valladolid has its peculiarities, with the theme above all of lamb and wines.” As for the fans, he recognizes the affection that the club generates in the city. “In Valladolid everyone is from Pucela. He is like his spoiled child whom everyone loves ”, says Borja, who reviews all the former Real Valladolid players who settled in the city:“ it also happens with Marcos, Víctor, García Calvo, Álvaro, I… we are not None from Valladolid and we are all very identified. All the people are very dedicated, they take the club inside, and they are not from here ”.

Toast to the goal
Bodega Cuatro Rayas creates this space within its sponsorship of Real Valladolid. It is a meeting point for lovers of football in general and Real Valladolid in particular. Open, carefree and with the aim of transferring the human side of a sport that fascinates millions of people around the world. Borja is Benjamin’s first guest, who acts as master of ceremonies and, in this case, host at the Cuatro Rayas Winery. Soon, new public figures will chat with him to reveal his anecdotes and curiosities. Well-known faces from the world of sports, the media, entertainment … Who will be the next to make a ‘toast to the goal’ with Cuatro Rayas?

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